Today on Ajman TV

7:008:00Live Link Arabic 107.8 F.M On The T.V EL RABE3A WA ALNAS
13:00 14:00Cooking Prog: Ataieb Ramadan Prog


Handcraft Program
14:00 15:00Arabic Serial Alshahd wa Aldomoa + Asabee Alzaman
15:00 16:00Religouse Program Aldeen walhayat
15:30 16:30Religouse Program Alqwafi
16:00 17:00Arabic Serial Ya waed Meen Yeshtriek
16:30 17:30 Religouse Songs
17:00 18:00Our Beautiful Heritage Program - Live
17:30 18:30Religouse Program Khairkm leahlh + Religouse Songs
18:00 19:00Aldeen Wal hayat
18:30 19:30Religouse Songs
19:00 20:00Maghrib +Mosques Breaks
19:30 20:30Canded Camera
20:00 21:00Handcraft Program
20:30 21:30Religouse Program Khairkm leahlh
21:00 22:00Call for Ishaa Prayer + Religouse Songs
21:30 22:30

Ishaa Pray + Tarawieh + Religious Songs

22:00 23:00Arabic Serial Yaward min Yeshtriek
22:30 23:30Arabic Serial Alshahd wa Aldomoa + Evil Planter 
23:00 24:00Our Beautiful Heritage Program Prog
01:00 02:00Arabic Serial Maraya 97
02:00 03:00Quran Kariem Award

Ajman Television Network

Ajman TV LogoAjman TV channel 4 went on air in first February 1996 (terrestrial channel uhf26) Banking and depending on the vast expertise and program productions (over 7000 hours of different television programs in (Arabic and English) and on the software resources and the complete audio and video facilities of AIS (Ajman independent studios).


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Technical Info

Ajman television is broadcasting locally and on satellite:

UHF 26 Terrestrial

Satellite: Nile Sat (102) at 7 West
Frequency: 12226 H
Polarization: Horizontal
FEC: 3/ 4
Symbol Rate: 27500

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